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bigstock_young_woman_doing_yoga_on_beac_14764019Essential Oils offer many benefits that can complement and enhance your yoga experience. The calming oils such as Lavender and Serenity™ blend can help you relax and reduce stress, while the uplifting oils such as Peppermint and Citrus Bliss help with focus and energy.  Eucalyptus, Peppermint, and dōTERRA® Breathe blend can help by opening up airways for better oxygenation during yoga.*

For those days when you overdo it, Deep Blue® Rub is a great way to help the body recover from over activity and muscle soreness.  Try diffusing the oils during your yoga sessions, and applying them after your workout.*


The following article was originally featured in the Summer 2015 LIVING Magazine.

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When it comes to yoga and essential oils, Adabelle Carson, a dōTERRA Diamond, has a lot of experience. She says, “I became a certified yoga instructor about nine years ago when I was having my kids. Four of them had come pretty quickly, and I was just in a funk. So my husband said to take some time for myself and go to the gym. One of the first classes I did was a yoga class. At that class something clicked for me, and I was able to release a lot of emotions. I remember I cried; I didn’t know why then, but it left me feeling amazing.” Wanting to learn more about yoga, Adabelle took a 200-hour certification course which required doing 20 hours of teaching for free as a community service. So, she talked to people in her area and started a class at her church.

Just after she became certified, essential oils came into the picture. She shares, “I took a class in California where they used essential oils in their yoga routine. They primarily used essential oils during the relaxation portion at the end of the class, called savasana or corpse pose. The instructor went around with Lavender, and it took me to a deeper place and boosted all the effects of yoga for me. I went home and decided that I wanted to incorporate essential oils into my yoga classes.” After years of using other brands of essential oils, Adabelle was introduced to dōTERRA. “My sister-in-law, Heather Carson, gave me the Introductory Kit, and I wondered where these oils had been all my life. The rest is history.”



Adabelle uses essential oils aromatically, topically, and internally in her yoga classes primarily using Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint. She finds that essential oils enhance the emotional support and therapy that yoga provides, besides the more obvious physical benefits. She says, “Essential oils create a bridge for both the novice and the expert who may have been doing yoga for a long time, but was never taught the purpose behind it. By using the essential oils, they can bridge that gap. When you breathe them in, you get it.” 

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“Never use more than three oils in your routine, because there is a lot of energy being processed in a yoga session, and  you want to prevent overload. Also, make sure that you ask about sensitivity to essential oils before you begin. You will need to pay attention to the general feeling of the class to determine which oils to use.” 



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